Recent history

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In the last five years there has been an increase in business resulting from direct referrals by insurers to credit hire companies.

In 2006 just 25% of the total volume of credit hire came direct from insurers.

By 2009 had grown to 49% (and overall volumes were much larger) and in 2011 it had reached 53%.

Insurers have increasingly accepted the need to treat third party claimants fairly as required by the FSA/FCA. They have also recognised the revenue opportunity from referral fees and have taken steps to sell the mobility proposition as a benefit to future policyholders but without themselves incurring the cost.

Insurers have, over the past 20 years, used this broad brush marketing strategy to appear to offer an enhanced service to policyholders although the true benefit (and sometimes cost) is driven from someone else’s model. Example of this include compelling bodyshops to provide free courtesy cars, to include delivery and collection or a free valet in with the cost of repair.