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The Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) was established in May 2010 from a merger of the Accident Management Association (AMA) and the National Association of Credit Hire Operators.

The CHO is now the official voice for the UK credit hire industry, providing services such as:

  • Representing the industry in the public domain,
  • Contributing to political debate on issues of interest to members,
  • Helping to establish a favourable operating environment,
  • Creating a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues,
  • Providing information to assist them in their business.

The CHO is a trade body with c.57 members that represents the interests of credit hire companies (CHCs). CHCs provide temporary replacement vehicles (TRVs) to non-fault parties following road traffic accidents. Non-fault parties are legally entitled to be put back to the position they were in before the accident and under tort law the fault party is liable to pay reasonable costs of so doing, should the non-fault party need a TRV (and to pay the repair costs of the non-fault party’s vehicle). A non-fault party does not have to make a claim on their insurance policy to obtain this right.

CHCs depend on being referred details of non-fault parties, having access to a fleet of vehicles, having experience to form an opinion as to fault given the accident circumstances, having knowledge of tort and case law to contract (rental agreement) with the non-fault party and then to pursue the tort law claim against the fault insurer. CHCs also need significant working capital as insurers can resist the payment of TRV claims, and they can take 18 months to get to court if not settled sooner. CHCs pay referral fees to receive details of the non-fault party.